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Unsecured Credit USA About Us

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Unsecured Credit U.S.A. is the SMARTER alternative to difficult business loans or "hard money" lending. We provide qualified Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Real Estate Investors highly competent financial consulting and professional loan placement services to access to credit/capital.

With access to 2000+ lending institutions we provide funding in less than 10 days! For the average person, attempting to obtain extensions of credit in today's environment can be a very difficult task. Over the years we've provided hundreds of clients from all over the nation with access to funding through many different major financial institutions.

Having up to date knowledge of lenders underwriting and approval guidelines coupled with the extensive knowledge of understanding virtually every aspect of personal credit profiles, we can virtually guarantee funding for our qualified clients. Most importantly, we never charge any upfront fees, so if our services do not produce results (funding), you don't pay us one cent!