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How It Works Apply For Small Business Or Personal Loan

Working Capital / Investment Opportunities

business capital

Minimum of 3 Open, Seasoned (at least 12 months),Primary Revolving Lines.

* Minimum 680 Credit Score
* No More than 4 Inquiries per Bureau - (we can work with more depending on other factors)
* BK Must be Over 5 Years
* Recent Late Payments, Judgments, Liens, etc.
* Case by Case Basis

Brief Overview

* Quote - We have our clients pull their own credit report at or and send us a current copy. We will review credit and provide a quote within 24 hours.

Our quotes are an estimate on what we believe we can get client in funding, based off of our experience.

* Submission Package - If the client is approved, we have them complete an application, sign the contract, and provide a copy of their photo ID, social security card, and utility bill.
* File Prep & Submission - Once we receive the submission package back from the client, we prep the file. Prep time is approx 24 hours. Applications are then started.
* Approvals - Approvals can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 days. Automated approvals are instant. Pending approvals range from 24 hours to 5 days, depending on the difficulty of the file.
* Funding - Once each card is approved, it is shipped out and received within 2-10 business days. We expedite delivery on as many cards as possible.
* Payment for Services - Our service fee is due within 24 hours of client receiving each card.
* Interest rates - Interest rates vary based credit. Most rates at around 15% but may range from 8% - 23.5%. Most cards come with a 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months - most, not all.
* Liquidation - If a client needs to liquidate cards, we can provide a general overview of how they can do that. However, we do not guarantee that any/or all cards can be liquidated, and we cannot do this process for them.

Key Details & Instructions For Clients (we cover this prior to submission)

* You have hired our company to apply for funding on your behalf. Please note: all applications submitted to banks will be presented as applications from you, the applicant; we do not apply as a third party.

* Please avoid all communication with the banks we are applying with, unless we ask you to contact them (just during the funding process). Please try not to answer any calls from numbers you do not recognize until funding is complete. Any voice messages you receive will need to be relayed to us, so we may assist in any lender request. In case there is a circumstance that you do pick up the phone, you need to indicate you are right in the middle of something and that you will call them back. Then let us know who called.

* You will be obtaining personal funding, not business. The credit lines will come in your personal name, not a business name. Funds can be used for whatever you choose.

* 100% of the funds come in the form of credit cards. There will be multiple lines averaging between 3-30k a piece. We can typically get at least one cash line, however, payment for services is not contingent on receiving a cash line. Not all clients are approved.

* You will have multiple inquires as a result of the multiple credit cards. It is extremely important that you do not add additional inquiries before or during the process. Please do not have anyone pull your credit, outside of our process.

* There may be additional fees charged by the credit card companies if you plan on liquidating lines. Most banks charge a 3% cash advance and/or balance transfer fee. Most banks cap out at a flat amount (example: 3% or $250, whichever is lower). "THIS IS NOT OUR SERVICE FEE"

* Payment is due for a successfully approved credit card, regardless if you choose to activate it or not. Fee's for our service is NOT contingent upon use or activation of a card.

* Payment is due within 24 hours upon receiving each line. We do not wait until funding is complete to invoice. You will receive an invoice per credit line(s) that arrive daily. Failure to pay invoice within 24 hours will result in collections and closed credit lines.

* We will need you to be available to check mail daily and report what has been received. We will need copies of all letters, even denial letters, for we have a 50% success rate on turning denials into approvals.

* You must contact us before attempting to activate any cards. There are some cards that will require us to activate for you.

* If you are requested to make a call to a bank, we will need you to do this within 24 hours. Some banks will require additional verification of identity.

* Payment for our fees may be made with the funds you receive. Please set up a PayPal account and make sure the account is verified. Unverified account will limit the amount you can send.

* With revolving lines, there is always a possibility a bank can do a soft credit pull after you receive your funds. There is a risk that a change in your credit (new accounts, inquiries, etc.) could cause the bank to close the line. We do guarantee our lines for 45 days. Please be prepared that not all lines will be reusable.